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Claude Cahun  
Femme au balcon.

Claude Monet, Arm of the Seine near Giverny in the Fog (1897)

Never post on tumblr any more, soooooorry. Summer’s in full swing in Scotland and it’s the best.

Have some good news to share though! I submitted a piece about ~home~ to a zine and we’ll see when that comes out. Also I bough a pair of wedding shoes which made me very excited. AND I have an interview on Tuesday for a full-time position at the library. Fingers crossed!

Also I have seriously been calling my family for the last two weeks and they are never home. :( Whomp whomp whomppppp


Louise Bourgeois, Untitled, 2002, engraved drawing on India ink prepared board
via amare-habeo


Francesca Woodman 


Orlan, Body-Sculpture No. 3 called “Shiva, or Many-Armed Tentacles” 1964, black and white photograph, “Shiva ou tentacules de bras multiples”

Never on tumblr any more. Well. Always around <3-ing things, but I feel weird about writing anything anymore.

Things are good in Scotland, not sure what to say. Feeling bored with my day job. Loving my weekend job. Cycling a lot, walking more than ever. Eating like shit, but I’m gonna cut that out seeing as I’m broke and will just make cheap lentil dishes, whomp whomp.

Wish I had a million $$ to get so many nice spring clothes, pay so many bills, etc, etc.

Feeling restless & destructive, y’know? Want to get my wrist tattoo covered up with something better. Want to give myself a wee undercut for the summer. Want to cut all my jeans into shorts. Probably shouldn’t do the latter. Should definitely do the other two.